Event Sponsors

Jamaica’s Climate Walk is proudly presented by:
Jamaica's Climate Walk Event Sponsors Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Environmental Solutions Ltd.01

Environmental Solutions Ltd., EVENT HOST for Jamaica’s Climate Walk (JACW), is Jamaica’s premiere environmental consultancy with over 25 years of service to Jamaica and the Caribbean. ESL strives to manage the fragile balance that exists between environmental conservation and man’s developmental interests. Climate change means big changes to our lifestyles and livelihood. Walk with us and learn more!

Climate Change Division, MEGJC02

Event Associate, The Climate Change Division, is a department within the Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation (MEGJC). A mandate of the MEGJC is to facilitate widespread education to all Jamaicans on issues regarding Climate Change and mitigation initiatives. JACW is a key medium through which they hope to connect with you!

The Jamaica Gleaner03

The Jamaica Gleaner, is the primary source for print and digital news coverage in Jamaica. Spreading the best in local and international news, entertainment, sports and general commentary from coast to coast, the Jamaica Gleaner is the #1 source for all your facts and information regarding climate change and our island’s mitigation efforts.


USAID – COMET II serves to strengthen community and civil society organizations, promote public engagement strategies to foster a culture of lawfulness, support programs for at risk youth and consolidate community based policing practices. With increased social responsibility as one of its overarching missions, USAID – COMET II has pledged support for JACW to encourage all Jamaicans to stand together, and ward off the effects of climate change.

European Union05

The European Union in partnership with the Jamaican government serves to promote the development of a common strategic approach to poverty reduction, consistent with the objectives of sustainable development and the gradual integration of ACP countries into the world economy. For JACW, their mandate is to promote sustainable climate change mitigation mechanisms that will protect and improve the economic prospects for the future of Jamaica.

Jamaica Public Service Company06

Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. (JPS), is Jamaica’s longest serving and largest energy supplier. With a commitment to energy efficiency and the transition from paper billing through its new JPS E-Bill service, JPS aims to be a key player in the future of climate change action while lighting up Jamaica.


Wisynco is a leading Jamaican distributor and manufacturer, which produces lines of high quality products including Bigga, Wata, CranWata, Boom and Sweet Synthetic Packaging Products, as well as imports top brands of food, beverages, and paper products. Wisynco sees value in educating the public on climate change and its impact on water security, transportation and general productivity.

Kentucky Fried Chicken08

Kentucky Fried Chicken is perhaps the most widely known fast food restaurant among Jamaican families. Islandwide, KFC serves Jamaicans with daily meals, so long as factors such as weather conditions are ideal. Climate Change with more intense hurricanes and more severe droughts will compromise businesses’ ability to serve and access key resources such as chicken as well as water for hygiene. KFC has joined the JACW, to help Jamaicans see climate change for the problem it truly is.

Tropical Blue09

Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water is a brand of bottled water extracted from Don Figueroa mountains in St. Elizabeth, an area which boasts the second highest rainfall levels in Jamaica! With climate change and the risk of more intense droughts, Tropical Blue sees the need to join the JACW team to take a stand for water security.